S&S Engine and Machine

 Torque Plate Hone
 Blue Printing
 Sleeve Cylinders
 Crank Turning
 Clean Parts
 Rods Resize
 Pin Bushings
 Machine Rods for Full Float
 High Performance Valve Jobs
 Industrial Headwork
 Porting & Polishing
 Bronze Guides
 Aluminum Welding
 Custom Motors for Circle Track, Marine, Street, RV, Strip 4x4, Industrial & Rock Crawling
 Parts for Street, Strip, Circle Track, Industrial, Marine & 4x4

Labor Services

Below is just a sample of the various types of work we do.

  • Blue Printing
  • High Performance Valve Jobs
  • Sleeve Cylinders
  • Porting & Polishing
  • and much more... 

Marine Services

Below is a sample of the different types of marine services we offer.

  • Performance Engines
  • Engine repair & Rebuilding
  • Stern drive repair & rebuilding
  • Water pumps & Cooling systems
  • and much more... 

Company Info

S & S Engine and Machine
984 Hwy. 516
Aztec, NM  87410

Phone #505-334-8011
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